Crew and Bar Staff

Fun Work, Fun People, the perfect place to work?  Working on a boat is a pleasure in itself, our crews remain fiercely loyal as finding work on the inland waterways can be difficult regardless of which part of the country you may work.
Total commitment to quality and exemplary customer service are prerequisites to join our team. If you believe you share these values and are happy to demonstrate how, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our party crew work every Friday, Saturday and bank holiday Sunday nights but we also operate day trips on weekends and school holidays through the summer months.

We have a very low staff turnover rate and only recruit people who can prove they are interesting, unique and fun to be around. Many of our staff from previous seasons go on to become skippers of our boats once they’ve gained experience with us, so start by sending your CV to

Boat Master/Skipper

CARDIFF CRUISES are searching for a seasonal skipper to join the team. Hours are up to 40 per week and some shifts are during the weekends and evenings (finishing at 11pm on some nights) depending on demand although this is shared with other skippers. We would prefer someone who already has some of the basic ancillary courses already, but then train them in how to handle the vessel and what to do if an emergency was to happen, equally we are happy to train people with experience in handling vessels if necessary. The job is easy once you are confident as Cardiff Bay is fairly quiet and the boat you will train on is simple to handle.

You need to be able to get to and from Penarth Marina (near The Cardiff Barrage) as our boats dock in this area. The company will provide your uniform accessories (don’t panic it’s just a shirt with shoulder stripes and a jacket).

Ideally you will have First Aid, Basic fire and Personal Safety qualifications as well as an Eng1 or ML5 medical certificate.

To apply, please email with your along with a CV and covering letter detailing why you think you are suitable for this role and including any relevant previous experience and qualifications you already hold.

Our boatmaster contracts are always seasonal (March-October) and you will have to live in South Wales.