We Specialise in filming on the waters of Cardiff Bay and the Bristol Channel

We offer a wide range of marine services to the film and TV production industry for Cardiff Bay and Bristol Channel filming. No matter the budget or the scale of the shoot, we offer the following to the film and TV industry:

  • Safety boat hire
  • Marine coordination
  • Location search
  • Risk assessments
  • Advice in gaining permissions
  • Stakeholder liaison

If part of your production requires filming from the water or using a boat in and around Cardiff and South Wales please get in touch.

If you’re looking for a unique location to shoot your next TV or movie production, then consider the beautiful Cardiff Bay in South Wales, and the services of Cardiff Cruises boats and its crew.

Cardiff Bay provides a stunning backdrop for any TV or movie production. The Bay boasts beautiful waters, historic buildings, and a lively atmosphere that can easily be incorporated into any production. With the city skyline in the background, your production is sure to look stunning.

Cardiff Cruises provides experienced and knowledgeable crew, who can help make your production run smoothly on the water. We have a wealth of experience in providing film and TV services, ensuring that your crew and equipment are transported safely, efficiently, on time and in shot.

Our range of boats offer a variety of means to accomplish scenes and access areas not accessible by land. Cardiff Bay and the South Wales coast has a variety of settings and backdrops, from the open waters of the old docks to the rugged tidal waters in the Bristol Channel.

Cardiff Bay is a stunning, tranquil and unique location for your TV or movie production. With experienced crew, a range of interesting locations, and cost-effective options, it’s definitely worth considering for us your next project.